In-mold Electronics (IME)

In-mold Electronics, Servilan

In-Mold-Electronics (IME) is a revolutionary new way of integrating electronics into plastics

The new generation of Sun Chemical’s IME inks enables integration of touch switches and lighting into IMD/FIM applications using the best-in-class electronic materials that can withstand even the harshest conditions of the 3D forming and injection molding processes.

  • Screen printable conductive IME silver inks deliver best balance between electrical performance and 3D formability
  • High conductivity silvers available for non-formed or slight-formed antenna and heater applications
  • Excellent gate wash resistance of electronic inks
  • Solvent based and UV curable cross-over insulators for multilayer printed circuits
  • IME ink package suitable for fi rst and/or second surface molding
  • IME inks compatible with Sun Chemical’s IMD/FIM inks, as well as other decorative inks on the market
  • Adhesion promoters for variety of molding resins

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