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Aplicaciones electrónicas, Murakami

Electronic Applications require the best screens and emulsion available. Murakami’s history of precision masks, proprietary emulsions, screen manufacturing techniques, and world class engineering evaluation provide sourcing of highly critical tools to screen print your electronics.

Custom Precision Masks: Murakami is the world’s largest producer of custom stencils for the electronic trade. All screens are custom made to customer’s specifications with review by our engineers to make sure the screen reproduces accurately.
Solar Cells: Murakami is the world leader in creating stencils for the solar cell industry. Our fine trace engineering and commitment to continual R&D keeps Murakami at the forefront of solar cell production methods. Contact us today for stencils that perform in this intense production environment.
Printed Circuit Boards: Murakami is the world leader in precision masks for the electronics industry with specialized products and services to provide reliable printed circuitry with excellent deposition of pastes and precious metals. Murakami can evaluate your needs and recommend customized stencil solutions to obtain precise screen prints necessary for the high tolerance world of screen printed circuitry.
Membrane Switches: From the circuitry that powers a control panel to the graphic overlay, Murakami emulsions, mesh and capillary film form a predictable stencils that can execute the vision of your engineers. Murakami products form a perfect screen to create switches with electronic reliability and quality graphics for the most demanding customers.

MURAKAMI offers superior quality stencils for various PE and Circuitry production including:

  • Photovoltaic Crystalline Si Cells
  • LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic), SAW Filter, FEM Board, GL board
  • RFID
  • FPC, TAB
  • Displays, LCD seals, PDP, Touch Panels
  • MLCC Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors, Ceramic Chips, MLCI
  • MEMS Products
  • CCD/CMOS, Glass Seal Overcoat
  • Membrane Switches and Panels
  • Automotive displays, Meters, Control module components
  • Telecommunication devices, Cell phone control panels
  • Transfer and special labels
  • CD/DVD

We accept the following file types:

  • CAD drawing
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Vector Art

Example of Murakami’s PE:

Fine Linem Screen, Murakami
The image of fine lines, similar to an electronic trace graphic, on a stainless steel precision mask shows incredibly fine parallel lines down to 20 microns. This image is on a 640 TPI/15 calendared stainless steel precision mask. Murakami’s attention to detail and engineering of fine trace screens results in screens capable of the most demanding printed circuit needs.
Servilan, suministro sistemas de impresión

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