Biosensors and Enzymes

Biosensors and Enzymes - SERVILAN

Electronic Materials for Biosensors

Sun Chemical offers a portfolio of screen applied materials that are tailor-made for a range of biosensors, including diagnostic sensors, environmental sensors and agricultural sensors.

Reference/Working/Counter Electrode Materials
  • Various functional carbon pastes with desired electrochemical and impedance properties
Reference/Counter Electrode Materials
  • Low and high temperature metallic Reference/Counter electrode pastes with desired response and conductivity properties
  • Pseudo carbon reference electrode materials and Silver underprint pastes are also available
Mediator Carbon Pastes
  • Mediated carbons pastes for range of substrates
  • Cobalt Phthalocyanine and Prussian Blue mediated carbons pastes are suitable for oxidases and dehydrogenases enzyme-based systems
Dielectric/Insulation Electrode Materials
  • Various Dielectric/insulating pastes with good defi nition and printing properties
Hot Melt Etch and Plating Inks
  • Excellent resistant to HF, for etching of glass, or silicon
  • Environmentally friendly – Zero VOC’s
  • Available in a range of melting points for optimised resistant and stripping properties
  • Print dimension tracks less than 50 microns, and gaps less than 25 microns
  • Suitable for all commercially available hot melt printheads
  • Clear options suitable for light induced plating
  • Fluorescents under UV black light, for optical alignment, and inspection
  • Alternative colours also available
Dielectric Inks
  • Designed for screen printing or ink-jet deposition
  • Thermally or UV curable
  • Thermally curable dielectrics offer high temperature stability for reliable processing and operation life
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